Fish Rap: Weather whiner alert — Storms ahead

rphillips@idahostatesman.comMay 15, 2014 

This is my internal dialogue lately:

"Dang it! Windy again. How am I supposed to fish when it's like this."

"Quit whining. It's spring, and this is normal weather. Just fish."

"But it was nice on Tuesday and Wednesday, and now it's stormy on the weekend. It's not fair."

"Whoever said fishing is fair? Adapt or go home, whimp!"

I wish I was exaggerating, but that's pretty accurate. Sometimes I feel like the world owes me a perfect day of spring fishing, and I also want to tell all my fishing buddies of the world that this is the amazing weekend for which we've all been waiting.

For me, that perfect day hasn't happened yet. Hells Canyon was close, but it was windy there. No surprise.

And it's not like fishing has been terrible. I haven't gotten skunked often this spring, but it also seems like I've worked harder for the fish I've caught than I have in the past. Maybe that's just foggy memory.

We're heading toward another spotty weekend. Southern Idaho looks warm and sunny with winds in the 10-to-15-mph range.

It looks like rainstorms could be headed for Cascade, McCall and Riggins on Sunday.

But I will be out on Saturday, and possibly Sunday, too. May is still my favorite fishing month, and there are only four weekends in it. I'm not letting it slip away.

I'm hoping warm, spring weather extends well into June, but I know the heat can turn on fast.

Heat doesn't sound too bad right now, but I guess I will just take what we get and keep fishing.

It still beats sitting at home.

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