Letters to the sports editor — Saturday, May 10

May 11, 2014 

Redskins column

Regarding Brian Murphy's column "Redskins mascot needs to go" on April 20.

Your article made me wonder if you have ever been to Driggs? You are like the lady lawyer from Ohio who drove through Salmon and decided they should not have the name Salmon Savages. She, like you, pushed them to change the name.

Many of the high school alumni and townspeople had Indian blood in their veins and refused to roll over for some outsider. They were proud of the name. You noted that 67 people showed up for the school board meeting and only three spoke in favor of a name change.

Looks as if Mr. Woolstenhulme's "strong and correct decision," according to you, was not acceptable to the people of Driggs. Mr. Woolstenhulme had the good sense to back off. Perhaps you should do the same.

You are attempting, from Boise, to dictate to the people of Driggs how to run their lives. The Salmon Savages prevailed. I hope the Teton Redskins will also.

Butt out.


Vandals football

In response to last week's letters to the editor, Todd Link and Marty Kopelowitz, I commend you both for the effort to read and respond to Vandals news.

Most haters completely pass over any articles concerning the Vandals since they have no interest in the program. But kudos to both of you for taking the time.

Your comments were intellectually thought-provoking and very much worth the ink and paper to print. Funny how people who never played a down of football or coached the game always are the loudest to criticize.

Here's some advice for you to take to heart, fellas, instead of worrying so much about the Vandals football program: Why don't you both try focusing more on getting a life?


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