Letter: Support McGrane

May 11, 2014 

Rep. Lawerence Denney would prefer Idaho voters didn't know that the majority of Republican county clerks and outgoing Secretary of State Ben Ysursa trust Phil McGrane to be our next secretary of state.

Mr. Denney would rather silence the people who actually know about conducting elections. He would rather Idaho voters not know that, unlike any other candidate, Phil McGrane has experience conducting elections and has earned the trust of his fellow county clerks.

If Mr. Denney was truly concerned about a conflict of interest, he could appoint poll watchers to observe vote counting in each county, as Idaho Code provides. But he'd rather cast doubt on the election as a campaign stunt.

He has not one shred of evidence that Ysursa or any of the county clerks have done or will do anything less than conduct an open, fair election in compliance with the law. Shame on Mr. Denney for even suggesting that they would do such a thing. In fact, the only person in this race who has tried to skirt the law is Mr. Denney himself when he tampered with Idaho's Citizen Commission for Reapportionment. Fortunately, the courts rebuffed him. I hope Idaho voters do the same.

Jared Larsen, Moscow

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