Letter: Several things appreciated

May 10, 2014 

Kudos to the Statesman! I loved reading my paper on Tuesday, April 29. Front page story on Wayne Rancourt and his Good Samaritan act. Those of us who know Wayne were not surprised, as he is a constant role model and a humble leader and philanthropist in our community. Inside I read that Marilyn Shuler is receiving an honorary doctorate from BSU; great call, BSU. Marilyn's commitment to social justice and human rights is inspiring to us all. On the cover of the sports page is the story about "Fast Eddy," and, if that did not touch your heart, see your cardiologist right away. Thanks, Larry Price and the Timberline team, for reminding us what sports and community are really all about.

Thanks to the Statesman, along with Idaho Business for Education, the Albertson Foundation and BSU, for hosting Amanda Ripley on Wednesday, April 30, to talk about education. She is a world-class speaker and author and presents the best road map I have seen for educational improvement. She shows tangible examples of countries which have had miraculous and rapid improvement in results that have a direct connection to economic prosperity.

Jim Everett, CEO, Treasure Valley

Family YMCA, Boise

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