Letter: Thanks for help during trip

May 10, 2014 

My family was driving from our home in Washington to attend a college graduation in Utah. Just north of Caldwell our van gave out and AAA towed us and dropped us off at Bill's Auto Repair in Caldwell. After finding out we wanted to quickly be on our way, the owner called in another employee. Between them, they tested our engine and tried to figure it out. They weren't able to do so quickly, so we rented a truck and threw everything we had into the back of the truck. Bill, seeing that we didn't have tarp to protect our things, loaned us one and proceeded to tie all of our things down.

They continued to work on our van for nearly two days. Nothing could be done, and we towed the car home. When we went to pay for the time spent on our car, they charged us for only 1 1/2 hours. I know they spent more time than that. It is nice to know there are still kind and generous people around.

Pam Anderson, Pasco, Wash.

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