Letter: Jimmy Farris

May 9, 2014 

Idaho has the opportunity to have new representation in one of its districts. I want someone who has a proven track record of being diligent, goal-driven and genuine, and who has broad knowledge of public policy issues that are important for Idaho. Jimmy Farris fits this description, and on May 20, District 16 voters have an opportunity to elect him.

Jimmy Farris supports the rights for everyone to have equality in the workplace. He favors equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender. As an ally to the LGBT community, Jimmy also advocates for safety from discrimination in our state. No one should have to have the extra worry that he or she may be unjustly fired, denied a place to live, or have the constant fear of being bullied in the school-age or adult world. We need more champions of basic human decency.

How can a community be stronger if we face challenges that shouldn't be present in modern society? We need our elected representatives to fight for everyone to have equal opportunities to pursue happiness. Jimmy is an advocate for all people, and we would be lucky to have him.

Lisa Semmler, Boise

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