Brown's profanity prompts 30-second delay for Idaho governor TV debate

Posted by Dan Popkey on May 8, 2014 

Idaho Public Television host Melissa Davlin


Idaho Public TV is taking the step to spare viewers should Brown speak too freely.

Perennial candidate Harley Brown's rough manner of speaking has prompted Idaho Public Television to use a 30-second delay in the live May 14 debate among four GOP candidates for governor.

Moderator Melissa Davlin said Thursday that the delay will be tested during Sunday's debate between 2nd District GOP Congressman Mike Simpson and Idaho Falls lawyer Bryan Smith to be sure producers can bleep any profanity.

Davlin noted that the statewide network could be subject to fines by the Federal Communications Commission for airing profanity.

"I've heard that he's been cussing (at campaign appearances)," Davlin said of Brown.

In Brown's earlier campaigns — twice for the U.S. House, twice for Ada County Highway District, Boise Mayor and City Council and Idaho Senate — Brown has often crossed the line of civil discourse. That prompted me to dub him a "profane clown given to kookiness."

Gov. Butch Otter insisted that both Brown and another perennial candidate, Walt Bayes, be invited to the debate, which will air with the 30-second delay at 8 p.m. The hour-long event is the only televised debate in which Otter agreed to appear with his principal challenger, Sen. Russ Fulcher.

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Brown is mindful that he's not every voter's cup of tea. His website features a "WARNING PAGE" above his list of Harleyisms.

When I wrote about Brown announcing his campaign in August, I offered my own warning about the Harleyisms, which I repeat here.

(ADVISORY: Brown’s message is riddled with bigotry. Parental discretion advised.)

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Among the Harleyisms:


No. 7: Register Communists, not firearms. That means domestic enemies of the United States Constitution such as Bloomberg, Schumer and Pelosi.


No. 9: A while back I visited Israel and discovered the REAL reason Jewish men get circumcised – Because Jewish women won’t touch anything that is not at least 20% off.


No. 20: Why wasn’t Jesus born in Poland? They couldn’t find three wise men or a virgin.


No. 31: How can you tell when an Arab reaches the age of maturity? He takes the diaper off his ass and plops it right on his head.


No. 46: If you want more inches – stroke it.


No. 39: God, how I wish we had picked our own cotton.


No. 50: If it has Tits or Tires you will have Trouble with it.


No. 52: A Jap will out Jew a Jew but a Chinaman will get the Jap’s socks.

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