Letter: Randy Jensen

May 8, 2014 

I am proud to offer this letter of recommendation for Randy Jensen supporting his campaign to be the next superintendent of public instruction for the state of Idaho. I have known Randy for 30 years and worked directly with him for 22 of those years in the American Falls School District. I also served the Nampa School District as both principal and chief educational officer for West Middle School and Nampa High School from 1999 to 2006.

As I consider the field of candidates for the superintendent position, it is easy to see that they all bring various levels of experience, expertise and strong beliefs to the table. What I see in Randy Jensen that I do not see in the others is an unbridled passion for students and teachers, and the absolute conviction that everything and anything we do as leaders in education should be for the students and the teachers.

Randy has a proven track record over a 30-year career in education as a visionary, problem solver, communicator and collaborator.

I have always been an independent voter, but I will register as a Republican for the May primary so that I can vote for Randy Jensen.

Jeffrey Read, American Falls

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