Boise state students talk live to astronauts on Space Station

Conversation highlights 'space Symposium'

May 7, 2014 

How did this conversation happen?

NASA enabled a live link Tuesday between a group of students at Boise State University and astronauts Steve Swanson and Rick Mastracchio aboard the International Space Station. Students asked about everything from gardening in space to the effect of weightlessness on astronauts' eyes.

What's the connection?

Swanson is a Houston resident whose parents live in Eagle, and he is a professor of the practice (details below) at Boise State.

What is the Space Symposium?

A three-hour event put together by a group of students known as the "Space Broncos" that featured a series of talks and discussion on technology, innovation and research. The link to the space station was the highlight.

What is a professor of the practice?

A person who's accomplished in a certain field, and Boise State puts them in periodic contact with students to help them learn the principles of that business or field. Others include Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb, filmmaker Ben Shedd and cartoonist Steve Moore.

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