Letter: Climate change

May 7, 2014 

Response to Joseph J. Dewey (April 19 letter):

Climate change is not something that can be observed in an instant. If someone says, "Man, it's hot outside, must be global warming," they are incorrect in their understanding of the terms. Similarly, if someone expresses, "It's incredibly cold this week, where's that global warming at?" then they are also misinformed. Climate change is an observed phenomena over time - months and years of data compiled by organizations such as NOAA, which can be seen at Climate.gov. The trend that has been observed is an increased average temperature around the Earth over an extended period of time.

And on the points: 1) 97 percent peer-reviewed articles support the theory based on data. 2) The opposing view is asking us to ignore information from multiple sources. That's unacceptable. 3) I hope you're right. 4) Define actual science. 5) Claiming that the Earth is all roses and peaches in light of climate data is irresponsible. 6) If you ignore or dismiss data to skew a debate in your favor, you should expect some name-calling. 7) That's a blatantly false victimization attitude. No one has ever gone to jail for voicing dissent on this issue and no one ever will.


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