Letter: Krauthammer and campaign finance

May 6, 2014 

When reading Charles Krauthammer's commentary about "zealots" and campaign finance law, he states, "of course money is speech." My first thought was that sounded a lot like "corporations are people, too" and was somewhat laughable. Nevertheless, it also sounded like he was making an argument based on principle, and I can dig it. He was once in favor of full disclosure of campaign contributions. But now, since full disclosure of certain campaign contributions have allowed "zealots" to exercise their free speech in ways that led to unforeseen negative consequences for the contributors, he no longer favors full disclosure.

I imagine that anyone who's spent a great deal of his life expressing opinions would have come to an understanding long ago that having principles doesn't always lead to outcomes they might find favorable. So, I find it sad and somewhat disturbing that he would dismiss the principle; throw the baby out with the bath water so to speak. This doesn't square with being a man of principle and seriously calls into question the character of his opinions.


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