Letters to the sports editor: Sunday, May 4

May 4, 2014 


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Teachers & coaches

We recently attended a Boise School District elementary track and field event and were reminded why we live in Boise. The teachers/coaches conducting the event were simply outstanding.

The teachers who go out of their way to instill a love of sports and fitness in kids deserve a medal. The amount of the compensation for coaching vs. the time these teachers put into the job basically equates to volunteering.

After seeing the level of organization, care and support at the meet (non-coaching teachers showing up to support students), and by frequently volunteering in our children's classroom, we wanted to take a minute to let the public know that there is a lot that is right with our education system - in the class and on the field.

We can see that the money that goes to the Boise School District is being well spent. If you don't believe us, just head out to an after-school event or volunteer in a classroom and see for yourself.


'Fast Eddie'

"PRICE"-less is the only way to adequately describe the heart-warming story of senior Eddie Gordon, the Timberline varsity baseball batboy and his relationship with the team (April 28-29).

Born with Down syndrome, he was given the honor to step to the plate on Senior Night to lead off the game in what was a life defining moment. Although the story is about the boy, it is as much about the man: Coach Larry Price, who dubbed Gordon "Fast Eddie" and gave him the opportunity to be a part of the program. He was the one who arranged to have him in the lineup on Senior Night.

Known to many as the premier baseball mentor in the Valley, I'm confident Price would describe the two years with his Down syndrome batboy as equally rewarding as the numerous state championship banners to his credit.

Larry Price is a man of character, a professional educator, a humanitarian and a class act.


Team mascots

In response to the letter from Doug Sweaney (April 27) ....

Do everyone a favor and educate yourself before spewing ignorance. The origin of the term "redskin" is in reference to the bloody scalp Indian hunters would provide to claim their reward for murdering "savages."

The fact that it is still used is, at best, disgustingly ignorant. Telling others that they should leave the state because they oppose the use of this deviant term shows an astounding depth of ignorance of history and compassion on your part.

Schools like Florida State can use the term "Seminole" because they received the blessings of the Seminole tribe to do so if done in an honorable manner.

What does the term "redskin" honor, Doug? Would you be OK with a team dubbed the Atlanta Ni**ers to "honor" African-Americans or the Dallas Wetb**ks to "honor" Latino-Americans? How about the Idaho Honkies to "honor" Euro-Americans?

I would hope not, but if you do, please feel free to leave my state and go somewhere that would accept that type of hate and ignorance. Good luck in that endeavor.


BSU basketball

It's interesting to see BSU football coaches blitzing the state to meet with high school programs as a way of selling their program to local kids. They express their interest, pledge to these kids their commitment, and no doubt go on to talk about the team as family.

So I wonder if BSU basketball will be making that same effort and pitch to the kids, and if they'll stop at Melba High along the way? For sure they'll bring up Joey Nebeker as a prime example of how closely BSU athletics truly supports these kids as student-athletes first, regardless of their level of production on the turf or court?

It's a big business, with every coach and administrator trying to feather his nests first. To tell these kids or lead them to believe it's anything else is dishonest, and has to leave you wondering what BSU athletics has truly become.

And someone recently wrote this paper and had the nerve to call U of I athletics "pathetic.''


Vandals football

Poor Idaho Vandals. OK, I can write now, I stopped laughing. I just read about the scrimmage.

Coach Petrino said, "The future looks bright." That got me laughing. He then said, "If you want to win championships. ..." Now I'm laughing really hard. Win championships? The Vandals? Try being competitive first, coach.

Petrino was impressed with the final scrimmage (more laughs), where the Gold team (best of the worst) beat the Silver team (worst of the worst) 55-14.

It's a scrimmage coach. You can't judge a team that won one game last year from how they beat up on each other in a spring scrimmage. The realistic goal would be to win more than two games this year. Their first game is against the Florida Gators (more laughs). No win here. Can they hold the Gators to 50 points (in the first half)?

Coach Petrino said, "It will be fun for the guys." That's because HE doesn't have to get pummeled and trampled in the swamp. Remember the slaughter at Florida State last year? That's motivation to start a season? It wasn't last year.


Vandals football

The U of I football team loses its bowl opportunity for the 2014 season due to academics - like the Vangals had a chance at a bowl anyway. I'm so glad I haven't heard for years how superior Idaho was/is to BSU in academics.

BSU's football team has been in the top 10 the last few years. Nice job, Candles. You're definitely going in the right direction. But then again, look at your choice of coaches for 10-plus years.

The College of Idaho will have a smarter and better football team going forward than you ever will again ... and definitely a better chance at a bowl game!


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