Spotlight on Idaho authors

May 4, 2014 

  • Author event

    Saturday, May 17, 12 p.m. "Kickers" is based on true accounts from smokejumpers who fought in a treacherous war three presidents denied ever happened. Author Patrick Lee is a former smokejumper who made 25 parachute jumps into Idaho's primitive area fighting forest fires. Barnes & Noble, Twin Falls.

'Broke, Hungry and Happy: The Life of Extreme Kayaker Dave Norell'

by Rae Ann Norell (Boise); Aloha Publishing ($17.99)

Feel the adrenaline rush as Dave Norell plunges over huge waterfalls, gets lost in the Philippine jungles and experiences carnage in Costa Rica. In need of medical attention, Dave and his extreme kayaking friends trudge through waist-high sugar-cane fields full of poisonous snakes in search of a road that hasn't been washed out by recent floodwaters. Dave and fellow kayakers travel throughout Idaho, British Columbia, other parts of Canada and the U.S. in their quest for whitewater adventure. Secrets are revealed, lessons learned and lifelong friendships are formed.

Author Rae Ann Norell shares from the heart how she picks herself up off the floor to begin a journey no parent wants to take, after receiving a phone call telling her that her 24-year-old son Dave died while competing in a triathlon. Her journey from grief to eventual recovery and healing offers hope to those who have lost a child. Dave's life inspires and his message shines through: Live life to the fullest, pursue your passion, and follow your heart.

'College Stress Solutions' by Kelci Lynn Lucier, EdM (Boise); Adams Media ($14.99)

Kelci Lucier gives students the tools they need to overcome everyday stress. "College Stress Solutions" teaches you how to use simple exercises to overcome your anxiety and find success while at school. From completing assignments on a tight deadline to dealing with classmates to thinking about your future, this book gives you the tools and advice you need to feel more calm, relaxed and motivated each and every day. With these easy yet effective solutions, you'll conquer any social or academic demand that comes your way as you work toward your degree. Whether you're cramming for an exam or fighting with your roommate, you'll be able to move past your worries - and score the grades to prove it!

'Kickers' by Patrick Lee (Central Idaho); CreateSpace Independent Publishing ($13.95)

Laos, 1961. The Communist Pathet Lao threatens a Laos takeover with Russian military support. Newly elected U.S. President John F. Kennedy contemplates military intervention in the small Southeast Asia country. Aware that military confrontation could escalate into nuclear war, Kennedy elects to fight a covert war using CIA surrogate assets.

The intelligence agency chooses as its surrogates for the war Meo tribesmen and college-age U.S. Forest Service firefighters, smokejumpers without military experience.

For newly recruited smokejumpers Thanasis, Charlie and Dog, the CIA's offer brings excitement, damn good money and good times at Lulu's in Vientiane. It's a sweet adventure for the three young men until they realize the CIA is willing to sacrifice both smokejumpers and Meo to control Laos.

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