Hey, Idahoans, where ya going? This survey says you're moving away.

newsroom@idahostatesman.comMay 1, 2014 

Almost one in six Idahoans are planning to move this year, according to a survey of 600 adults in Idaho.

But people in Idaho don't want to leave the state, at least compared with the national average.

At 17 percent, Idaho had 4th-highest rate of people saying they're extremely, very or somewhat likely to move. The national average was 13 percent.

"Although these figures are still high relative to the actual percentage of Americans who move out of state each year, they provide a basis for evaluating each state's risk of losing population that is somewhat stronger than the sheer desire of its residents to move," the Gallup report said.

But when it came to that "sheer desire," fewer Idahoans wanted to leave.

Nationally, about 33 percent of people told Gallup pollsters they "would like to move to another state," regardless of whether they could, or planned to, follow through on that desire. In Idaho, that number was about 29 percent.

Why does it matter, according to Gallup?

The poll shows some states are "far better positioned than others to retain residents, and thus possibly attract new ones," it said. "This is evident in the wide variation in the percentages of state residents who say they would leave their state if they could, as well as in the percentages who say they plan to move in the next year."

The margin of error for the survey was 5 points, Gallup said. That means anywhere from 12 percent to 22 percent of Idahoans are likely to move.

The national telephone survey was conducted between June and December 2013.

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