East Horsethief camps to stay closed


The popular campground on the east side of Horsethief Reservoir will remain closed indefinitely, but camping on the west side of the reservoir opens Thursday, May 1, Idaho Fish and Game officials said.

The problem: no campground hosts have volunteered.

Finding a suitable camp host for the east side campground has been a challenge for Fish and Game site manager Dennis Hardy.

"We were able to enlist a suitable camp host for the west side campground, but only after a nationwide search," Hardy said. "Finding one for the east side campground has proven difficult."

The high risk of abuse and property damage without an on-site camp host led to the decision to keep the east side campground closed.

"Once a suitable camp host is located, we will open the east campground for the remainder of the season," Hardy said.

Fishing opportunities at the popular reservoir will remain unaffected by the campsite closure.

Horsethief Reservoir, about 7 miles east of Cascade, and it is one of a few developed campgrounds where no fee is charged, which contributes to its popularity.

Fish and Game has staffed Horsethief with camp hosts for the peak fishing and camping season, which usually lasts into September.

People interested in applying to be a camp host or want to learn more about the position at Horsethief Reservoir can go to volunteer.gov/results.cfm?ID=14104.


Idaho's Hunter Education program is looking for new instructors to help meet demand in the Treasure Valley area.

In Idaho's southwest region, hundreds of volunteer Hunter Education Instructors conduct dozens of courses annually, graduating more than 4,500 new hunters each year, according to F&G officials.

"These special people make the program a success," F&G hunter education program representative Jaime Creson said.

To learn more about Idaho's Hunter Education program and how to get involved, contact Creson at the Fish and Game Hunter Education Center office, 327-7159; or via e-mail at Jaime.creson@idfg.idaho.gov.

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