Letter: Bryan Smith

April 30, 2014 

I just received Mike Simpson's most recent invective against his able opponent, Bryan Smith. He reminds us that Smith does (among other things) seek recovery of money owed from people who have not paid their bills. Simpson seems to believe that this is bad. He fails to point out the following: 1) that Smith is representing small Idaho businesses who are owed the money; 2) that Simpson serves with three "trial lawyers" in Risch, Crapo and Labrador, whose practices also included representing Idaho businesses in litigation but seems to be fine with their legal histories; and 3) that as a top budget writer in Washington, D.C., (the ultimate federal insider), Simpson does not seem to mind that the government follows far more punitive measures to collect its taxes from "veterans and Idaho families." It is high time to retire this pompous bigwig.

Jim C. Harris, Boise

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