Letter: Elect McIntyre

April 30, 2014 

Ada County Treasurer Vicky Oleksey McIntyre has been a friend of mine for approximately 30 years. We met in Jaycees (Junior Chamber of Commerce). While in the Jaycees, Vicky was a very active member and won several major awards for her service to the organization, including being recognized as an ambassador and a statesman. Vicky also went on to become the state management development vice president in 1990.

Vicky is always looking for ways to help organizations be more effective and efficient. She has been very active in the American Society for Quality, even founding Boise's Western Idaho Section in 1986. She has recently served as its president, from 2009-2011.

Vicky started her professional career as a computer programmer and advanced to the position of manager for quality assurance at Idaho First National Bank. She's also been a business owner and a college professor. Vicky has her MBA from Boise State.

I don't believe that Ada County could have a more qualified county treasurer than Vicky.

I'm supporting the re-election of Vicky Oleksey McIntyre for Ada County treasurer on May 20. Please join me!

Janet Farson, Meridian

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