Letter: A-10 retirement

April 30, 2014 

Retirement of the A-10 has brought about a lot of controversy, and for good reason. The Warthog departure from Gowen Field will cause a great deal of hardship on the community. The cause is pretty straightforward, and has been ongoing for some time. The military is, when and where possible, replacing pilots in the cockpit with pilots flying on the ground from control trailers. This is due to budget cuts and the reality learned in the last 10 years that you don't need to put a man in the cockpit on air-support missions.

While the MQ9 Reaper is not the beast that the Warthog is, the real question shouldn't be how to stop the Warthogs' retirement, but how to land a Reaper squadron at Gowen to replace them. Arkansas and Ohio Guard units are literally already in the process of retiring the Warthog for Reapers as we debate this process. Don't believe me - look at links about the A-10.

Lonnie Holcomb, Boise

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