Letter: Vote Democrats

April 29, 2014 

Missed the deadline to sign up for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) because of what you heard on Fox "news?" Sorry, that's brainwashing for you. Watch more than one station and you'd have discovered the truth. The Fox/Republicans repeatedly tell listeners how evil "Obamacare/ACA" is. A total of 5.7 million people without health insurance/security now have health insurance/security. That's evil? What's your experience, Idaho? Did you sign up for the ACA and discover the truth or have you now earned a penalty because you blindly listened to the Fox/Republican party?

I find most Idahoans are more amazed/thrilled than outraged by how little, not large, their insurance costs actually are under ACA/"Obamacare." Idaho, either you have been wronged and need to continue voting Republican to take away affordable health security for 5.7 million Americans or it's time to recognize it's the Democrats that actually help your family, not Republicans. Republicans oppose ACA/"Obamacare," consumer protections, environmental protections and increasing the minimum wage proposed by Democrats. Under Republican rule for decades, more Idahoans now work for minimum wage and are less educated than almost all other states. Ignore what the Fox says. Note whose policies help you. Vote for change, vote for Democrats.


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