Letter: Eagle bike path

April 29, 2014 

Regarding "You said it," April 16, page 3, Kauri Jerzy. Her comment emphasizes the height of hypocritical, liberal, socialist reasoning. These homeowners bought these properties for the access to the river. Paid good money for it. Now in hindsight the government wants to seize it. Why didn't the government have the foresight to purchase the bike path ground before the people bought it? What happens to the homeowner's resale value of land and property after the government confiscates it? And she says these people are selfish for wanting to protect their investment?

Maybe Ms. Jerzy would donate a bike path through her living room! That would be unselfish. Why is it a liberal thinks they have a right to other people's property or money? Greed probably. Ms. Jerzy, one of these days when Obama, Reid and Pelosi confiscate what you own, the shoe will fit your other foot, and the tune you sing will resonate with those of us against highhanded government tactics. Put in a different way - if the government can confiscate my wealth, they can confiscate yours. And at the rate they're going, it won't be long!


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