Letter: Solar power

April 29, 2014 

"Power to the people!" A slogan from the past about equality. In a democracy the supreme power lies with the people.

Now, thanks to solar PV, "power to the people" really means people can generate their own power and use it as they please. Because of the huge reductions in the cost of solar power in the last 10 years, solar power is affordable for the middle class now. Average people now have the power! The power to heat, cool and light homes, power appliances. The power to run their plug-in vehicles. The power to be independent of paying for natural gas, gasoline, and electricity.

The power shift has begun, moving the power away from the big corporations and back to the people where it has always belonged, since the founding of this great nation. Join the shift; make your own power; keep your hard earned money in your pocket.

It is time to take our power back and make our own power!


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