Letter: Ten Commandments monument

April 28, 2014 

Jason Cooke (letter, April 12) seems to be missing the point of the lawsuits forcing the removal of Christian idols from coast to coast, like the Ten Commandments monument at Sandpoint and the one removed from Julia Davis Park in 2006.

1. This isn't about religious freedom. This is about using tax dollars (1 in 4 taxpayers aren't Christian) to "establish" one brand of religion above all others. If Jason were to read the First Amendment of the Constitution, he might understand why this is a problem.

2. Religious freedom means all religions are equal - all or none. Would Jason be comfortable with the Ten Commandments being flanked equally by a Satanic Idol and a Wiccan Idol?

3. Ten Commandments are just the headlines. Read on to see how those rules were applied. Four generations of a family punished for the error of one person. Murder those who work on the Sabbath, even if it is to provide for one's family. Murder children if they misbehave. The first and second commandments prohibit religious freedom and the 10th commandment prohibits us from wanting a better life for our families. I am very happy that these rules are illegal in America.


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