Letter: Religious freedom

April 28, 2014 

The Freedom from Religion Foundation is doing exactly the right thing to challenge the Ten Commandments monument displayed by the city of Sandpoint. Just as Boise moved its monument to a churchyard, so should Sandpoint.

Contrary to Mr. Cooke (letter, April 12), atheists do not fear being converted by seeing such a monument. We object to the government establishing and maintaining it. This is not an assault on religious freedom - it is a defense of it.

It is also not an assault on religious freedom for atheists to march in the Fourth of July parade expressing their world view - it is an exercise of religious freedom. In this way, it is just the same as the Christian and Hare Krishna entries in the same parade.

Our shared government should not establish any one religion over other religions, nor some religion over none at all. Keep church and state separate.


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