Letters to the sports editor: Sunday, April 27

April 27, 2014 


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Mascot names

Teton School District superintendent goes rogue and decides the Redskins team nickname "isn't in (alignment) with a lot of the programs ..." and etc., etc.

Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme has "few allies in changing the mascot ...." Who will save the PC Idaho sports world?

Enter now the Statesman's own sports columnist, Brian Murphy, who, with thousands of north Boise liberals behind him, commences with the crusade.

"It's unacceptable for a high school - or a professional team, for that matter - to use a racially offensive slur as its nickname ..." blah dee blah, Brian says.

I'm weary of Murphy's liberal rants. Go back to North Carolina, Virginia, or wherever you came from and take your Murph's Turf with you. Instead, the Statesman should give us more "Southorn" style sports opinion.

What's Teton gonna change its name to? The "Red Hawks" or "Mountain Hawks?" Talk about empty-headed nicknames.

The name "Redskin" is only offensive to those who wish to be offended. I like what Florida State did when attacked about the Seminole name. They pretty much told the NCAA where they could put their war spear.


BSU basketball

The BSU program and coach Leon Rice did a poor job of handling the departure of Melba grad Joey Nebeker.

If what Nebeker says is correct, releasing a kid from his scholarship at the end of April is no way to handle a student-athlete. While scholarships are on a year-by-year basis, releasing someone with only a few months to go before the fall semester shows a lack of compassion and loyalty to a young kid who now must find not only a new basketball program, but more importantly a new college.

It appears Rice released Nebeker from his scholarship to make available a scholarship for a new, more highly touted recruit.

While I understand major college sports has become a business, student-athletes deserve better from programs that make promises and then renege.

I hope Nebeker finds a program where he can not only play basketball, but get a college education.


BSU football

I think it was smart, as well as a dedicated effort, when coach Harsin reached out to previous BSU football players to reassemble in Boise to bridge the relationship and help establish an old BSU tradition with the new players.

It seems to go along with his genuine desire to bring back the excitement and tradition we all remember. It sounds like a lot of the previous players who attended got a lot out of it as well.

As mentioned in a previous article by the Statesman, Quintin Mikell said when he was an incoming freshman at BSU, he knew who the players were who had moved on and felt responsible to continue that winning tradition.

Hopefully this will catch on with the new players, and we will once again be labeled "a team of overachievers" that wins championships.


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