Letter: Poisoning ravens

April 27, 2014 

Idaho Fish and Game plans to poison thousands of ravens (as well as any others who eat the poisoned chicken eggs) in an effort to try to increase the number of sage grouse so they can continue to issue hunting licenses for them. Would a good sportsman want this to happen when it is not the raven that is causing the decline in the number of sage grouse? It's the loss of the sage grouse's habitat that is causing the decline. Is it right for F&G to poison intelligent birds instead of working to solve the real problem, which is improving the habitat?

Good hunters have respect for wildlife. There is nothing to admire or respect in the plan to poison our bird population, and there is no scientific evidence to support doing it. Unless something changes, F&G plans to spend the next two years poisoning ravens in parts of Idaho. If you don't agree with this, please speak out by contacting the director of Fish and Game.


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