Letter: Vote for Democrats

April 27, 2014 

If you want to stop the ongoing arrogance and ignorance of our elected officials, then you have to stop voting for them. A lot of voters think they've been in office a long time so they must be good; making a change could be worse. I'm doing great so why vote for change?

The Republican incumbents feel confident voters will keep them in office. Otter is so sure he's running for a third term. Jim Risch said he loves his job because he doesn't have to do anything. Paid for doing nothing. Mike Simpson says he's all about jobs, but voted no to the jobs bill. Mike Crapo, who is he? Man without a driver's license. Labrador, not worthy of a comment. Nothing but bad decisions from all.

Make a change for the better. Vote for women, the poor, the hungry, the unemployed, the underpaid, the homeless, the students, the sick without care, and helpless animals. Vote for people who care about everyone, not just the wealthy and guns. Vote to keep your rights, vote your heart, vote Democratic this time. Risch once asked Crapo, "How long do we got?" Hopefully you ain't got long.


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