Letter: Eagle roundabout

April 27, 2014 

Concerning the proposed roundabout in downtown Eagle, Mayor Reynolds, Mr. Butler and Ms. McFarland have said that this is what the "people" want. The three of them were voted in by the people of Eagle to serve as our leaders, and to speak for us, not for their own agenda.

They have spoken to the press saying that the majority of the populace is in favor of this change on Eagle Road and the old State Street intersection. This is not true! The business owners are against it, along with the locals. Safety issues abound with crosswalks and space for school buses to get around it, and it will take an immense amount of space, killing off parking for the existing businesses.

Ms. McFarland stated to me that she was tired of seeing Eagle's money go to Meridian and not spent here in our town. Am I missing something here? Is there an allotment to be spent?

I will hope that if these three people aren't "recalled" for this, they will be voted out of office at the next election. They certainly will never get my vote!


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