Egg-centric mallards: 27 in one nest

Idaho StatesmanApril 24, 2014 

0424 local talker

The eggs keep adding up in this mallard nest in Eagle.


Mallard madness You've been living in a shell if you haven't noticed all the commotion with nesting mallards around towns throughout the Treasure Valley.

Quite a nest egg Katherine Schellenberg, of Eagle, was surprised this week to find a mallard nest in her yard with more than two dozen eggs.

Duck data Hen mallards can lay one to 13 eggs, with nine being an average number. The World Record Academy says an Oklahoma duck broke the world record of ducklings hatched with 22 in June 2012. The nest in Eagle has more than that. So, wait and see.

Not egg-xactly a record? Everything's not so ducky with the nest in Schellenberg's yard. She has seen three female mallards using the nest, and sometimes two hens sit on it at the same time. Could it be a new type of record?

Birds of a feather Oh, about hens using the same nest: Apparently some female mallards dump their eggs in another hen's nest and let her raise their young. What quacks.

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