Developer hopes Boiseans will adopt his soon-to-be-launched social app

Statesman staffApril 23, 2014 

A Silicon Valley software entrepreneur who says he plans to launch a new social app soon has relocated to Boise and brought a documentary film crew as he promotes the app.

Bryan Payne, the cofounder, president and CEO of a company called Salmon Social, hopes to secure widespread adoption of the Salmon Social smartphone app by people in the Boise area.

Salmon Social's website describes the app as "a fun way to discover the amazing people around you and find places to go based on your demographics and interests." A video says the app will suggest places to go and provide the interests and age ranges (example: "most are early 50s") of people at those places at the moment. The app also would offer profiles of people nearby.

"To me it's either going to be a billion-dollar idea, or it's going to be a bust," Payne said in a teaser for the documentary.

Payne appeared Wednesday at a Tech Cocktail Boise mixer to discuss the app and compete with nine other apps in voting for "Boise's hottest showcasing startup." The mixer was timed to coordinate with the annual develop.Idaho software conference this week. He also held a news conference.

"I was president of a Silicon Valley company, came up with an idea for what I think could be the next big social media app, something that could be as popular as Facebook or Twitter, and quit my job three weeks later to move to Boise to assemble the team, build the app and launch it in the Boise community within 90 days," Payne said in an email. "We have a documentary film crew flowing us around filming it. We started the Journey March 2 and are about halfway through."

A crowd-sourcing campaign is underway on to help pay for the documentary, titled "Salmon Social: The Life or Death of the Next Big Social App." The campaign had raised $6,235 of its $82,000 goal by Wednesday night.

Payne was welcomed to Boise by Jessica Whiting, who recently launched a Boise chapter of Startup Grind, an organization that holds monthly meetings for entrepreneurs.

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