Letter: Schools

April 21, 2014 

I was shocked at the letter April 6 from Kevin Rodriguez that began, "I see a lot of teachers who don't have enough pencils or pens for students to use." I remember back in the day, every fall when school was about to start, my mother would take me shopping for school supplies. She'd buy pencils, notebooks, paper, etc. We had a list of what to buy for each grade. Now the school - i.e., the taxpayer - is supposed to provide such things? The term is "free education," not free ride.

And what about this pre-K bill that is supposed to be so good? I remember I didn't even like kindergarten, but I went because my mother said I had to. Now we have tax money for pre-K? Children are being subsidized. Whatever happened to pay your own way? What I'm saying is, don't have children if you can't afford them. Don't expect other people to feed, clothe or buy school supplies for your children.

Age 6 is plenty early to begin a child's education, when he or she enters first grade. The years before that are called "childhood." Let them have it.


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