Letter: Politics

April 21, 2014 

April Fools' Day extended ... through 2016.

As the lies and denials continue from the White House, the fustian leader of the free world, using vaporous statements and spurious allegations about Obamacare, continues his nebbish lying spree.

Obfuscate facts abound from the complicitous White House, Obamacare liars and the autocracy in D.C. Liberal Marxists disguised as Democrats, atheists, agnostics, leftist politicians, social do-gooders, feminists, academia professors and union leaders with great propensity hoodwink low-information voters.

Speak out, folks, before the occult administration and feds extirpate our country. The desecration of God, the blatant disregard for our Constitution. Lie and deny - lie and deny ... mantra for liberal politicians. Jobs, the economy, foreclosures, endless national debt, credit card abuse while heavy taxes destroy families, cities and personal lives in every American city.

Meanwhile, comrades in our D.C. regime negotiate with Vladimir Putin using failed stratagems of Obama's past foreign policies. Now you know about the extended April Fools' Day. November Fools' Day for liberals is next.


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