Letter: Global warming

April 19, 2014 

How global warming alarmists are like the religious leaders in the days of Galileo.

(1) They claim they are right because of consensus, not proven science.

(2) Just like the medieval scientists refused to look through Galileo's telescope, today the rigid left does not examine the opposing point of view but only seeks to distort it.

(3) Most of their predictions are incorrect.

(4) Most refuse to debate the actual science.

(5) Instead of debating they try to shut down free speech on the topic.

For example, alarmists tried to prevent The Washington Post from publishing Krauthammer's opinion on the subject and the L.A. Times refuses to even allow skeptical opinions (like mine) in the letters to the editor. Other papers have threatened to follow their lead. Hopefully the Statesman stays above this dogmatic approach.

(6) Instead of using reasoning, facts and science, they attempt to destroy opposition through name-calling. Medieval religious leaders called skeptics "heretics" and "blasphemers." Today alarmists call them "deniers," "traitors" and "flat earthers."

(7) They both call for punishing dissent. Alarmists are increasingly calling for lawsuits, jail and "Nuremberg-style trials" for climate skeptics.

History indeed repeats itself. Only the names of the intolerant change.


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