Everest tragedy strikes close to home for Boise family

Boise - The Idaho StatesmanApril 18, 2014 

While the mountaineering community reeled Friday from news of the avalanche on Mount Everest that killed as many as 12 people, Boise resident Mandi Linville was overcome with a sense of relief after learning her husband was OK.

Charlie Linville, a Marine who was severely injured by a bomb in Afghanistan in 2011, is at Everest as part of his attempt to summit the world's highest peak. Linville is taking part in The Heroes Project, which helps injured veterans push themselves by climbing mountains.

On Friday, after news of the deadly avalanche spread, Mandi Linville posted this to her Facebook page:

"Somber day on the mountain but here at home I am leaping with joy. Heard directly from Charlie via the sat phone and he is fine. Thank you for all of your prayers seriously you are all so sweet following this and worrying with me. Thank you!!!! And thank god!!!!"

The Heroes Project, which is the group leading Linville's climb, issued a release on Friday: 

"There was a tragic accident in the Everest Icefall on the morning of April 18th, resulting in numerous deaths. The Heroes Project wants to let everyone know that all members of our team are okay, and we give our condolences to the families of everyone who was lost in the tragic events," spokesperson Zach Rosenfield said. "Unfortunately, events such as Thursday's are a reality of climbing Everest. It's a very dark and sad day in Nepal, and all of our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of those lost."

The Heroes Project began its journey to climb Mt. Everest on March 27. The team arrived at Base Camp on April 16, and it remains there.

In a story by Roger Phillips published in the Statesman last month, Linville addressed the inherent dangers on Everest.

“I’ve educated myself about the mountain and what to be prepared for,” he told Phillips, while also acknowledging he hadn't read about all the tragedies on Everest.

“What’s the point of reading the horror stories?” he said.

Read more about Friday's avalanche here

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