Letter: Sherman Alexie's book

April 18, 2014 

Regarding Sherman Alexie's book being removed from Meridian English optional curriculums.

This action by the school board reveals exactly where our priorities are. It's not about sexually explicit content, or you'd have censored Romeo and Juliet long ago - or are rape threats more acceptable to you than inherently consensual acts? You say this book is racist. Why? Because it discusses racism? So are we banning Huck Finn, too? The banning of this book is about censoring a perspective alternative to the socially dominant one. Parents claim they don't want their children exposed to racism. Well, too bad, the world is built on racism, and unless we come to understand that, it's never going to change.

Without a concerted effort to amass knowledge outside of the perspective our own social positions have handed us, we are never going to be able to combat the disgusting structural violence that creates a society where equal opportunity for all will never be achieved. The effects of such a system are discussed at length in a funny, touching way in the book you banned, so great work making sure we never progress as a society.


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