Anglers will have access to Little Salmon

STATESMAN STAFFApril 17, 2014 

The popular stretch of river at Riggins will be accessible for the spring salmon season because of an agreement between Idaho Fish and Game and the local landowner.

All property on both sides of the Little Salmon from its confluence with Rapid River downstream to Milepost 193 is private, but an 18-month lease along the west bank of the river will give anglers access to many of the popular salmon-fishing holes, Fish and Game said.

A Little Salmon River access map and rules brochure will soon be available at, and also at the Lewiston, McCall and Nampa Fish and Game offices.

The new agreement contains specific provisions regarding the leased property:

• Only fishing is allowed on the property and only between the 5 a.m. and 10:30 pm. No camping or campfires are allowed.

• No garbage service is available. Anglers must pack out their trash.

• Anglers are allowed to wade and fish from the Little Salmon River/Rapid River confluence downstream to where no trespassing signs are posted, approximately 300 feet south (upriver) of the River Ranch bridge spanning the Little Salmon River.

• Anglers may not cross the Little Salmon River from the leased property to access the river's east bank.

• No discharge of firearms is allowed on the property.

• No watercraft may be launched on the Little Salmon River from the property.

• No commercial use is allowed on the property.

While this agreement remains in force, F&G staff are working with the landowner to secure a long-term solution to fishing access along the Little Salmon River.

"I can't overstate the need for anglers to play by these rules and otherwise respect this private property," said Jim White, F&G wildlife habitat manager.

Anglers are encouraged to police themselves during the upcoming salmon season.

Fish and Game conservation officers, together with deputies from the Idaho County Sheriff's office will patrol the area throughout the salmon season.

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