Fish Rap: Spring can be beautiful, but brutal

rphillips@idahostatesman.comApril 17, 2014 

I was all fired up about last weekend. The weather looked beautiful, and I had some good, first-hand reports about fishing.

Most of all, I had long been waiting for one of those magical days when it's beautiful on the water and the fish act like they all want nothing more than to wrestle on the end of your line.  

It all seemed to be coming together until I headed to C.J. Strike Reservoir on Saturday. The flags in tow were flapping in the breeze and tree tops swaying. I hoped the wind would die down mid morning. Heck, why not hope? Even if I knew it was unlikely to come true.

It didn't. The wind blew steadily throughout the day, and lots of people reminded us how it was calm and fishing was good during the week. Thanks for that.

But that's spring, and the difference between spring and winter is during spring at least you have the chance for one of those perfect days.

There's been several places that are looking really solid for the early season, and C.J. Strike is one of them. I've heard nothing but good reports out of the Duck Valley Indian Reservation, too.

Hopefully other reservoirs will start turning on, if they haven't already. Don't forget those local ponds. This is the best time of year to catch big bass in ponds, and there are lots of trout being stocked, too.

Weather is always the wild card in fishing, but it's wilder in the spring. You can have a beautiful day and great fishing one day, and then get hit by wind, rain, or even snow, and it will seem like all the fish evaporated.

But keep trying, and that perfect day will eventually happen.

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