Letter: Politics

April 16, 2014 

It's sad to see our Idaho legislators allowing themselves to be pawns to outside right wing "think tanks" like ALEC. The secretive American Legislative Exchange Council is 98 percent funded by large powerful corporations who seek to lobby and influence laws in states across the nation.

Their agenda is to pass their right-wing "model legislation" in as many states as possible. They work to weaken environmental protections and regulations, protect corporations from liability, restrict voting access, transfer federal land to states, transfer money from public education to for profit educational organizations. They support Stand Your Ground laws, protect fracking companies from revealing chemicals used in the process, and submit bills such as the ag-gag bill for passage.

So we have billionaires such as the Koch brothers and Shelden Adelson trying to buy elections to favor their private ideologies.

The Supreme Court tells us corporations have the same rights that people do, and that unlimited amounts of money are fine to influence elections.

And now our own legislators demote our state priorities to do the bidding of outside interests. This is how the long tentacles of the elite try to manipulate and control. Time for a return to democracy.


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