Letters to the sports editor — Saturday, April 12

April 13, 2014 

Coach Petersen

This letter is in response to the April 7 comments by (reader) Joe Smith on page 2 of Sports ("Yes, the good coaches are back ...").

This person is totally out of line, as I have known Coach Pete's teacher and coach for around 50 years. Former UC Davis football coach Jim Sochor taught Pete how to be sincere and first class in everything he does.

It's really out of line to say Pete could not recruit and was run out of town. Coach Chris Petersen is as close to first class as anyone in the game today.

He will do well at Washington, will recruit, win, and in the final quarter, this Joe Smith should be careful what he wishes.

A person I know who is close to the program told me he should keep quiet as all his language will only fire the Huskies up even more when they come to town in 2015.


BSU football

Not a good move, Coach Harsin, to keep last week's scrimmage closed to the general public, yet open to others. Students don't buy the big ticket, nor do the media.

I traveled about 375 miles to attend three games last year. This year, I was going to be a south end zone season ticket holder, but have second thoughts.

Why would you exclude the season ticket holders and those of us who support BSU from a distance?

Think twice before making a second blunder.


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