Letter: Legislature

April 12, 2014 

Thank goodness this legislative session has ended! You can tell who runs Idaho by looking at the bills that were passed - the National Rifle Association, the Farm Bureau, agri-business, the livestock industry. Guns on campus, the "ag-gag" bill, tax breaks for business, and a committee to support endless, indiscriminate wolf killing are just a few. Nothing was done to take care of our roads and infrastructure or get Medicaid expanded for the poorest among us - no surprise since Gov. Butch Otter's main focus for this legislative session was "gettin' me re-elected!"

At least the EPA nullification bill introduced by Rep. Paul Shepherd went nowhere. It was just such legislation passed in North Carolina years ago that allowed Duke Energy to pollute the ground around its coal-fired plants that eventually spewed coal ash into the Dan River, polluting 70 miles of the river. We have environmental laws because corporations are driven by the bottom line, not by what is best for the environment. Something equally devastating could happen in Idaho if environmental laws are negated by politicians more concerned for their corporate cronies than the land and citizens of the state.


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