Letter: Minimum wage

April 12, 2014 

April 15 is fast approaching. The day we pay the price for a civilized society, tax day. It is also the deadline to have the necessary signatures gathered for a ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage. If they make it, it will be a truly grass-roots victory. Whatever the outcome, we should all thank Anne Nesse for her hard work in providing the opportunity for Idahoans to do the right thing and make life better for Idaho families.

We should all boo and hiss the Statesman editorial board for not supporting it, and instead opining that business leaders should raise the minimum out of the goodness of their heart. I for one am tired of approaching the business class on bended knee. Working people always seem to get kicked in the teeth, and then are asked to smile at our economic overlords for the crumbs they still give us. "Which class holds power decides everything."

I am constantly told that "America is No. 1!" But what broad-based positive social indicator are we No. 1 in? Not one I imagine. Third World imperial America is for the elites only. When we stand and demand, we can change things.


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