Letter: Ten Commandments

April 12, 2014 

I see the Freedom from Religion Foundation is at it again. Now they need to attack the Ten Commandments monument in Sandpoint. As a Christian, I am told by this increasingly secular society to keep my views to myself. "If you don't approve of abortion don't get one." "If you don't approve of pornography, don't look at it." These are things I hear repeated all the time. Apparently, this argument is only convenient if it matches your world view. Are atheists being forced to look at this monument? Evidently the atheist community fears that they may be instantly converted to Christianity if they walk by a monument bearing the Ten Commandments. If the Freedom from Religion crowd wants to place a monument in any park, I say go for it. I would walk by it with my family and move on with my worldview still intact. At the Fourth of July parade each year, I watch this group walk down the street with signs attacking religious folks like me. I don't shout at them or attack their right to express their views. The assault on religious freedom in this nation continues.

Jason Cooke, Boise

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