Caldwell 14-year-old suspended for bringing knife to school

April 11, 2014 

A Syringa Middle School student is suspended pending investigation after he reportedly brought a knife with a 3-inch blade to school Thursday, Caldwell School District Assistant Superintendent Luci Asumendi said.

The boy did not threaten anyone with the knife, Asumendi said. He had the knife in his pocket, she said, adding that she is unsure whether the boy showed the blade to a friend or how it came to school officials’ attention. The boy was taken to the principal’s office, his parents were called, and he was sent home, she said.

Disciplinary action will be decided after the district’s investigation of the incident is complete, she said Friday.

The incident was handled quickly and quietly, Asumendi said, and she heard no reports of students or parents upset by the situation.

“I haven’t received any calls from parents,” she said.

Caldwell Police Chief Chris Allgood said the school district is handling the situation but the Canyon County Prosecutor’s Office could decide to file charges against the 14-year-old depending on the results of the investigation.

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