Idaho City murder suspect, son of a slain Chicago mobster, denied bond

jsowell@idahostatesman.comApril 11, 2014 

Boise County Prosecutor Ian Gee told a judge Thursday that Michael Stephen Dauber, 45, should be remanded because of the brutality of the killing of Steven Kalogerakos; because Dauber threatened law enforcement officials; and because he is the son of William Dauber, a late Chicago mobster.

Dauber pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in Kalogerakos’ death; the longtime friends shared a home in Idaho City prior to the victim’s disappearance.

Kalogerakos’ body was found five months ago in a shallow grave in a mountainous area a few miles outside of Idaho City. Gee said Dauber used an ax and a saw to cut the body into pieces, which he then stuffed in a sack and buried.

Defense attorney David Smethers asked Owen to release his client on $75,000 bond. But the judge followed Gee’s recommendation to keep him in the Ada County Jail until his trial.

Gee also told Owen that Dauber admitted to others that he killed Kalogerakos, as well as other unnamed people.

Gee spoke of hitman William E. Dauber, Idaho World reporter Eileen Capson said, to show that the younger Dauber posed a risk if released. Capson attended the hearing in Idaho City.

Dauber’s parents were gunned down on July 2, 1980, after they left the Will County Courthouse in Joliet, Ill., where William Dauber was in court on gun charges.

Three men in a van pulled up alongside the Daubers’ car and shot several times into the vehicle, Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass wrote in 2004. The car continued along a roadside ditch and struck an apple tree. The assailants got out and fired more shots into the car.

At the time of his death, Dauber, 45 — the same age his son is now — was described in the Tribune as a feared assassin accused of as many as 30 hits for the Chicago Outfit. He was known for placing his arm around a victim in a friendly gesture and then pulling out a gun with his free hand and shooting the target.

Mob hitman Frank Calabrese Sr. was convicted of murder in the deaths of the Daubers and five others in the 2008 Operation Family Secrets trial in Chicago.

Steven Dauber, who was 12 when his parents were killed, met Kalogerakos in Chicago. The friends moved to Idaho in 1994.

In 2000, Steven Kalogerakos moved back to Chicago, but Dauber reportedly convinced him to return to Idaho City in 2007. Kalogerakos had planned to start working for a window-cleaning service in January 2008, according to his sister, Maria Kalogerakos, of Chicago.

Owen set a trial date of Sept. 4.

The Associated Press contributed.

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