Letter: Incumbents

April 11, 2014 

On March 22, the Statesman's Our View asked if taxpayers had gotten their "2 cents' worth" from this year's $30,000/day legislative session. If not, current legislators could be voted out. This, as well as changing party affiliation, has been expressed frequently. Ada County's representation is heavily Mormon, male, conservative and Republican. Since this year's session has been such a mockery, I am prepared to vote against incumbents. Shockingly, however, most of the Republican incumbents are running unopposed in the primary; changing party is futile.

According to the Statesman, March 23, 57 percent of Republican legislators in 2002 faced opponents in the primaries, even with redrawn districts; and in 2012, the figure rose to 60 percent. This year just 35 percent of incumbent Republicans, statewide, are contested, and it's fewer in Ada County. "Bring in the Clowns!" Their only challenge to returning to office will be from Democratic opponents in the general election. Ada County voters largely vote Republican, so taxpayers probably won't get their "2 cents' worth" again next year, either. If you want a change, you may have to bite the bullet and vote Democrat.

Kay Carter, Meridian

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