Letter: Guns on campus

April 11, 2014 

Regarding the guns on campus law: I'm curious how schools determine just who are "persons licensed under section 18-3302H or 18-3302K?" Will there be a "campus registration" requirement to know that a 21-year-old may legally be armed at any time?

By its very definition, a concealed weapon is deliberately hidden from view. What's to stop anyone from concealing a weapon and entering any facility on any campus at any time? If the idea is that a person should be able to hide a deadly weapon on his/her person, how the heck is anyone else to know when the law is being broken? And, are homicidal folks acting rationally? Why would this law dissuade them? Doesn't this seem stupid to anyone in this government?

I'm also quite curious as to why prohibiting concealed carry in a "public entertainment facility," as defined in the bill, only means venues with a seating capacity of "at least 1,000." Would not someone with an intent to harm multiple persons find the "pickins" better in the larger venues? Why not at the Morrison Center, for instance? Why should families and students attending an event there not be able to "defend themselves?" Just askin'. Please explain.

Jefferson Young, Boise

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