Letter: Marijuana

April 11, 2014 

Dr. Stuart McBirnie had a radio program from Glendale, Calif., years ago.

In one of his newsletters, he tells of a Columbia University professor of pharmacology who had been working with marijuana since 1968 and was appalled by recent calls to legalize the drug.

The late Dr. Gabriel Nahas, of New York City, believed marijuana causes brain damage and social deterioration. He pointed to the cultural stagnation of the Middle East, Africa and India, where its use (cannabis) has been socially acceptable for centuries. He believed that there are profound changes in the behavior of marijuana smokers - decreased interest in personal hygiene and physical exercise - and that its use produces an effect of magical thinking that makes the user claim he can be more creative, even though he can't.

Marijuana has eaten away the moral fiber of the Middle East for generations. I'm appalled at the thought that they might legalize and have it happen here.

Camilla Wilkins, Boise

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