Letter: Wolf trapping

April 9, 2014 

In an ongoing attempt to reduce wolf numbers in Idaho, I was not surprised to read that Idaho Fish and Game will open wolf trapping in formerly closed areas surrounding the Wood River Valley and the Sawtooths. Many of us are not aware of the collateral damage as a consequence of this barbaric control method. State public records show widespread capture and mortality of nontarget animals. According to state records, during the 2011/2012 season, trappers, in an attempt to trap wolves or other animals, have captured approximately 246 nontarget animals. This partial list includes one bear, two bobcats, 47 coyotes, 80 deer, 18 elk, four moose, 22 fishers, 26 mountain lions and 12 domestic pets!

For those of us who live here because of the close proximity of national forests and relishing the sight of any wild animal, it is reprehensible now to have to be more wary to go off trail and to keep an ever close eye out on our dogs and children.

Jini Griffith, Ketchum

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