Letter: Republicans

April 9, 2014 

When is it going to quit being all about the money, or guns, or if you have an R in front of your name? Will it ever be about the people in this country again?

Gov. Butch Otter decided to run for re-election and all of a sudden we need guns in our colleges. I wonder how much NRA money that netted him. There is a news film of Mitch McConnell saying they had to make sure President Obama didn't accomplish anything while he was president. They have done a good job of holding this country hostage. If he says up, they say down. You can't tell me this isn't prejudice. President Obama is a good, honest person who has tried to put people back to work, and they wouldn't let him, as bad as our infrastructure is. They never thought he would be re-elected. They figured if they held everything up, they could put it through and take credit for fixing everything. If you can't see this, you're not looking. The R isn't what it used to be.

Dan Day, Boise

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