Raging bull? The story behind the rodeo 'wreck'

April 8, 2014 

An intense moment of man vs. beast was captured Friday at the Professional Bull Riders’ two-day DeWalt Guaranteed Tough Invitational. It created a lot of buzz over the weekend on Facebook, where it reached almost 62,000 people, was shared more than 900 times and received 758 “likes.”

Is the rider OK? Many readers who saw Darin Oswald’s photos wondered just that. Rider Marco Eguchi was only slightly injured by Pound The Alarm during the special 15/15 Bucking Battle (top 15 riders vs. top 15 bulls), Colorado-based PBR spokeswoman Denise Abbott said. Eguchi suffered a bruised right forearm and left elbow, and he opted not to ride on Saturday.

‘It was a brutal night for riders’ Oswald said he saw several riders get injured in “wrecks” while he was waiting to photograph Bushwacker, the final bull of the night. Joao Ricardo Vieira lasted just 2.4 seconds atop the world’s top bull, who is retiring this fall.

All that and no points? Riders must stay on a bull for 8 seconds to get a score. Eguchi stayed on Pound the Alarm for 7.01 seconds, Abbott said.

A top rider Eguchi, a 24-year-old from Brazil who now lives in Texas, is ranked seventh in the world. He’s earned $116,486 at 14 events so far this year.

Correction: When originally posted online, this photo incorrectly identified both Eguchi and Pound The Alarm.

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