Boise woman sentenced to life in prison for execution-style murder

April 8, 2014 

Jordan Marie Shaver, 21, charged with second degree murder.


Jordan Marie Shaver will have to serve at least 20 years before being eligible for parole in the execution-style murder of Brian B. Geddes.

Fourth District Ada County Judge Timothy Hansen followed the sentencing recommendation of prosecutors. Shaver's defense attorney recommended a life sentence with a minimum 10-year term.

Shaver pleaded guilty in December to second-degree murder. She shot Geddes in the back of the head and hid his body, wrapped in a comforter, beneath his Garden City home. The body was found Nov. 2, 2012, but police believed he was killed two weeks earlier.

Geddes' adult children, Brennan Geddes and Aubray Geddes, got suspicious when they hadn't heard from their father. They confronted Shaver after finding her in their dad's home near the Greenbelt and told police she ran off.

Police later located Shaver outside a store. She was found with Geddes' cell phone in her possession.

Shaver told police she accidentally shot Geddes when he fixed her handgun and it discharged while he handed it back to her, according to court records. But an autopsy showed that the gunshot to the back of Geddes' head came from a gun that was pressed against his head.

Authorities said Shaver and Geddes were romantically involved, but Geddes' family says he was just trying to help a woman who said she had nowhere to go. Prosecutors said Geddes and Shaver met when he came to her aid after she was attacked by her boyfriend.

Court records show that Shaver was evicted from an Ada County apartment less than three months before Geddes was killed.

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